Friday, 16 March 2012

Video Sms For Public Relations Officers

This is the era of offbeat professions. More and more numbers of fresh graduates, these days, are going for more challenging job options than their parents or grandparents. The risk taking capacity is more in the youths of today, and they can face challenges with a greater zeal. Public Relations is one such job option which requires challenging and ambitious youths to reach the goals.
Public Relations officers need to get free publicity for a certain company or organization which they work for. Unlike Advertising Agencies which gets numerous options to do the same job, Public Relations Officers get just one opportunity each time. The Public Relations officers aim to send out press releases to the journalists and get them to write about the products, services or any other news about the organization.
A write up from the journalists naturally grab people’s attention more sincerely since they are not advertised. The audience of today are too clever to understand that advertisements are paid for. However, when journalists write they are taken seriously and it gets a lot of readers.
With advancements in technology, a number of useful tools are available for the Public Relations Officers. Video SMS sending technology is one of the much technological advancement that paves the way for Public Relations officers.

What is video SMS?
video SMS is much like a text based one, but the content is audio-visual in form. A video SMS is easy to send. Just record a message and send it to anyone around the world, at any time of a given day.
The visual message reaches the inbox of the recipients buzzing on the notification tone of the mobile device. The SMS which might look like a mere text message, initially, actually carries a link and a click on that link will start the streaming of the video message immediately.

How to avail the service of video SMS?
It is easy. A number of sites are there that allow the users to send video SMS to anyone around the world. Where a few sites limit the size of the video footage some others allow sending unlimited sizes of video footage.

How can video message help Public Relations Officers?
Public Relations Officers or PROs can think out of the box and try sending video press releases than boring texts. It is not only a faster way to get one’s point across, but audio-visual content is often more effective than textual content. Video release will definitely fetch any organization more attention than the rest.
They say that the relationship with the journalists and the PROs are not too sweet. Thus, it can be a hard time for the PROs to get introduced with the journalists and develop a good rapport with them before working with them. Getting introduced with the journalists through an impressive and convincing video SMS is a unique way. This would certainly stir the interest in the journalists and they might get ready to work with you.